Hand & Power Tool Safety – 2 hour

This (2) hour course is a refresher on the hazards associated with working with power tools. Proper usage of power tools in daily tasks and operations we all use every day in performing our work. Workers will learn to recognize the hazards associated with different types of tools and the safety precautions necessary to prevent these hazards. OSHA requires documented training for all hand and power tools, and how to recognize unsafe and unusable tools.
Certificates of completion awarded upon completion of course.

Highlight hazards associated with hand and portable power tool use and the safety practices for protecting against these hazards.

  • Identify appropriate safety practices for electric and pneumatic tools.
    • Explain proper use of liquid-fueled and powder-actuated tools.
    • Identify safety requirements for using portable abrasive wheel tools.
    • Describe proper use of operator controls and guards.
    • Explain when tools must be inspected, and what actions to take if damage is found.

This class provides proof that the employee has been trained in tool use.

Intended Audience: For people that use tools during the course of their work.

Class available 7 days!!! Call 239-479-4904 for availability & prices.